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Always wanted to collaborate with a serious and effective social work activity and did not know how to?


AEBAS invites you to be a volunteer!

Since its foundation, AEBAS counts with voluntary work of men and women, that allied to the cause defended by the entity, donated part of their time, talent, resources and work to achieve the goals and targets propose[nbsp)

We need and rely on the affection, the identification and involvement of sensitive people, detached and anxious to build a more just and caring society where men, women, children, young and old are welcomed, have their rights guaranteed and live properly. A society where the Kingdom of God is recognized through the loving, work experienced in projects and actions undertaken by AEBAS.

If you ...

  • Identify yourself with the mission, vision and values of AEBAS and with the cause embraced by the entity; 
  • Are willing[nbsp) to share and discuss ideas, suggestions, which can add value or innovate what is being done;
  • Find it easy and enjoy working in a group; 
  • Are available to provide voluntary work, it being face-to-face or virtual. 

...then come help us out.

Ways to be a volunteer in AEBAS:

  • Together with the Board and Senior Management;
  • Legal Advice; 
  • press; 
  • Journalism; 
  • Marketing; 
  • Manufacture of Handicraft - Group of Ladies Volunteers of AEBAS 
  • Enabler with focus on Social Education; 
  • Chaplaincy; 
  • Where History; 
  • Recreation and Cooperative Game; 
  • Achievement of Devotional; 
  • Theater; 
  • School Attendance; 
  • Strengthening in Portuguese Language and Mathematics.
We highlight the work of the worthy Lady Volunteers of AEBAS. The group is comprised of women, who since 1955 elaborate crafting manuals to be sold at fairs and thus raise funds and collect funds for the institution.

This initiative is one of the most effective and continuous mobilization of resources for the entity. AEBAS is grateful to receive the support and dedication of these Ladies, for whom it owes much respect and affection. If you want to get to know a bit more about the work of these volunteers or even join the group, please contact us and we will guide you.

Interested in BEING A VOLUNTEER of AEBAS? Contact us to learn more: 

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