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AEBAS counts with a framework of individuals and legal entities that monthly contribute to the maintenance of their projects. These associates elect their Board of Directors and Audit Committee every three years, which in turn elect the main Directors formed by the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The management of the projects developed by AEBAS happens through its Executive Secretariat, which is subdivided into the Department of Planning, Department of Institutional Development, Financial and Human Resources.

For the development of their social projects AEBAS counts with a team of collaborators, divided in Social Teachers, music professors, social workers, Administrative Assistant, support staff in the kitchen area, cleaning and driver.

It also counts with a permanent group of 60 volunteers that act in pro of their projects and ideals.

Recognized to be of Public Utility by Municipal Law - Decree No 339 of 29 /05/1958 , State - Law no. 306 of 16 /08/1957 and Federal - Decree of 22 06/29/1993 . Recognized as an Entity of Philanthropic objectives - granted in 01 dated 30/09/94 and Recorded in CNAS - Case no. 28995/94-38.


According to its Statutes AEBAS aims to:

a) the full exercise of social and charitable assistance, as social policy for the provision of services and benefits that meet the basic needs of citizenship;

b) develop participative and community actions with therapeutic and/or preventive characteristics;

c) be active primarily in the underserved communities;

d) perform in projects and programs focused on education, health, culture, sports, recreation and the environment.