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Music Workshops

Objective: With children and adolescents conquer the learning of music and the development of gifts and talents.

The work of music workshops focuses on music theory learning, recorder, and choral singing. The music is present in all environments and situations. Brazilian culture is rich in sounds, rhythms and styles. Music is present in the life of the hill, the village, the favela. It appears in all situations, in the corner, the swagger, the drumming, the children's play, dance and movement of adolescents. Turn these sounds into something conscious, thought, systematically developed and redesigned, giving value to expressions and musical culture, be it popular, classical, folk, religious, at the heart of this music workshops. Develop and operate a taste for assessment and implementation of music events in everyday life, this is what we seek.


Music has also shown a strong ally in the construction and reconstruction of self-esteem, and to overcome the gaps in the teaching and learning process. The domain of an instrument or voice, the acquisition of new knowledge, the awakening of the gifts and talents, public presentations have contributed to the increase in self-esteem and awareness of personal and collective value. The systematic study of music has contributed significantly to the improvement in the area of concentration, reasoning and seizure of new information, and this consequently has contributed to the achievement of better results in the area of school support, other activity then developed with children and adolescents.