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Vila Santa Vitoria Nucleus

The work of AEBAS in Vila Santa Vitoria, began in the year 2004, and is in partnership with the GAD - Group of Diaconal Action, NGO connected to the Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession in Brazil in Florianopolis. The GAD having history of work in the community noticed the need to expand their actions, and for such invited AEBAS, who through this partnership has given involvement to 70 children and adolescents in socio-educational projects.

Vila Santa Vitoria, is located in Florianopolis, nearby Agronomy neighborhood. This community, as other Massif of Morro da Cruz coexists with precarious conditions regarding the basic sanitation infrastructure, and access to public services in the area of education, security, social assistance among others. Worrying situations related to the trafficking and consumption of drugs, configure today one of the major problems faced by the community.

At the Vila Santa Vitoria Nucleus we are developing the following programs and/or projects with children, adolescents, families and community:

» School Monitoring

» Extending the Horizons

» Music Workshops

» Socio-Familiar Guidance Program