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Frei Damião Nucleus

The work of AEBAS with community Frei Damião began in 2003 through a partnership with the ABM/2001 - Charitable Association Mission, NGO linked to the Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession in Palhoça, Brazil, with a history of activity in the community and a discovered need to expand its work which is why then sought the partnership with AEBAS, enabling then the two organizations to work together. Since then the work has prospered and is currently being delivered by AEBAS with the 150 children and adolescents involved in socio-educational projects.

The Community Frei Damião located in the municipality of Palhoça, presents, according to the IBGE Census 2010 a population of five thousand inhabitants. The Community faces serious limitations as regards to the infrastructure of basic sanitation, public services in the areas of health, education, social assistance, transport and safety, continuing the fight against the trafficking and use of drugs. Formed by residents mainly mainly from the interior of the State of Santa Catarina, is characterized as a community of people with a tendency toward stabilization whereas the average time of residence is seven years.

At the Frei Damião Nucleus we are developing the following programs and/or projects with children, adolescents, families and community:

» School Monitoring

» Extending the Horizons

» Music Workshops

» Socio-Familiar Guidance Program