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Caieira do Saco dos Limões Nucleus

AEBAS actions in Caieira Beach in Saco dos Limões iniciated in the year of 2005 in partnership with the Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession in Florianopolis, Brazil. All work takes place at the premises of the Temple of the IECLB succumbed in partnership for the daily attendance of 60 children and adolescents. The Caieira do Saco dos Limões Community, is located on the hillside of Morro da Cruz and neighboring communities of Mount Serrat and Serrinha. The population of Caieira counts with service of collective transportation, garbage collection, water and light. There is no service of health clinic, school, and vacancies offered at daycare or other work facing the childhood and adolescence are insufficient. The families in need of these services must go down the hill and seek help in Saco dos Limões. As the other communities of the Massif of Morro da Cruz, this one faces a daily struggle and standing against the trafficking and use of drugs, a situation which generates high levels of violence and insecurity in the community.

At the Caieira do Saco dos Limões Nucleus we are developing the following programs and/or projects with children, adolescents, families and community:

» School Monitoring

» Extending the Horizons

» Music Workshops

» Socio-Familiar Guidance Program