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CAS - Center of Social Assistance



“Carry out and support the great Florianopolis actions in the social, health and education fields, founded on Christian principles by means of strategic alliances and known in a qualified, transparent and sustainable manner in order to facilitate the construction of an equal society.”


"To be recognized for the excellence of its actions, developing an integrated approach in the areas of Social Assistance, Education and Health."


CAS performance A - Social Service Center AEBAS, happens in the area of social assistance based on legal grounds and the Federal Constitution of 1988 and the LOAS - Organic Law on Social Assistance, No. 8,742, of December 7, 1993 . according to the PNAS / 2004 - National Social Assistance Plan, their actions take place within the Basic Social Protection, developing socio-educational interventions for children and adolescents, and guidance and social and family support. The socio-educational activities has its legal basis the ECA - Statute of Children and Adolescents - Law 8069 of July 13, 1990.

The CAS work in AEBAS happens in a decentralized manner by meeting in nuclei located in particularly impoverished communities in which demands are identified to justify the intervention with the community focusing on the child and the adolescent.

The organization understands the challenge facing two problems: First, generate concrete actions that resonate directly on the continuous improvement of living conditions of children, adolescents and families reached second, to ensure that these actions take place within and in close relationship with impoverished communities .

The actions promoted to children, adolescents and their families are organized into four areas: School Monitoring, Social Education, Music Workshops and Guidance and Support Social and family.